Professional Translations

    Have you ever read an incomprehensible translation of an operating manual for kitchen devices? How many times did it take you to understand it, if you ever did? Would you want to give your foreign customers a bad first impression of your product because of poorly translated documentation?

    When "Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum" becomes "minimum defensibility date" instead of "best before end" this obviously ignores the context, resulting in a word-to-word translation that is of no use. Very often, knowledge of special fields is required for translations of commercial correspondence. Furthermore, the knowledge of technical procedures for solutions of technical problems which may differ from country to country is essential. A professional specialist translator has these skills or obtains them, as needed.

    Professional specialist translators know that translating involves more than replacing each word of the source language with one word of the target language. They know that they must pay attention to the context, that sentences are often more than just a sum of individual words, and that the addressees and aim of translations need to be taken into consideration. They also know that it is important to read between the lines, and to transport texts from one culture to another.

    What about you? Would you like your translations to meet these standards? If so, COMUNDO ESP is your translation service of choice.