We value qualified training and count on international experience: The owner of COMUNDO ESP holds a degree in translation for English and Spanish and is a state-certified bilingual secretary for English and French. She has a sound knowledge of these languages and intercultural skills as well as wide knowledge of the German, Spanish and English-speaking worlds. Given her training and her professional experience with languages over decades, her interest in the countries and their people and her long-term stays abroad in Great Britain and Spain, she has delved intensively into other cultures and knows how people think in a variety of places. This is of great advantage to the customers!

    We provide professional and customized translations: We begin each translation order with a detailed look into the translation's aim and intended readership. This is followed by an exhaustive analysis of the source text during which the translator delves into the specifics of the text and clarifies terminological questions. At this stage, the translators extend their special knowledge, if necessary, in order to produce an adequate specialized translation. Once the translation process is concluded, the translation is proofread and, depending on the time limits and requirements, proofread a second time by another skilled translator.

    Our business concept is depicted in our logo: Our company name COMUNDO is a composite of the prefix "CO-" meaning "together" as in "cooperation" and "collaboration" and of "MUNDO", the Spanish word for "world". We would like to work towards bringing the world closer together through our translation services, from North and South America to Germany, Great Britain and Spain. This concept is also expressed in the tag "ESP" which stands for "English" and "Spanish", or just "Espa˝ol". In our company's logo, the globe is turned to North and South America, thus displaying the English and Spanish-speaking worlds.

    Bring the world closer together while opening up new sales markets in other cultures with COMUNDO ESP!