Translations: Translations are billed by line. The calculation is based on the lines of the final translation: 55 keystrokes form one standard line, and one standard page comprises 30 lines. The rates per line depend on the difficulty of the source text. We distinguish between normal, medium and difficult. For urgent orders we reserve the right to bill additional charges. As a rule, translations are returned in the same format as the source texts, e. g. as Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. We also edit other formats upon request.

    We are pleased to submit a non-binding offer free of charge if you send us the source text (ideally via fax or e-mail).

    Project Service: Work provided in connection with our project service is billed on an hourly basis. The hourly rate varies according to the work involved and the qualifications necessary for it. Services at the customer's premises or trade fair booth will be calculated as required.

    Text Editing: Text production, editing and layout are usually billed on an hourly basis, in steps of 15 minutes. The hourly rate depends on the difficulty of the text. When editing your texts, we will of course take into account the format and file standards you require.

    Do not hesitate to contact us and inform us of your individual requirements. We will provide you with a free customized offer for all of the services to be carried out.