Quality Management

COMUNDO ESP seeks to provide you with first-class quality. We therefore strive to uphold the following standards:

    Customized translations: You as a customer can contribute towards ensuring the quality of your translations by informing us as accurately as possible of the purpose and the intended readership of the translation. For specialized translations, it is helpful to have a contact person for queries with respect to the special terminology to be used.

    Translations preferably into the translator's native language: Even the most qualified of translators are in best form when translating into their mother tongue, even if their knowledge of the foreign language is nearly comparable. We therefore think it makes sense for translators to translate into their native languages. Should this not occasionally be the case, we ask a qualified native speaker to proofread the translation in question.

    Corrections: Since translators increasingly work under time pressure and thus may make occasional mistakes (e. g. with figures), COMUNDO ESP provides its clients with a quality-control service. All translations are proofread upon completion and, depending on the time constraints and other requirements, can additionally be revised by another qualified translator.

    Membership in the BDÜ: Translation as a profession is not protected by German laws. Anyone who believes that they have a sound knowledge of two foreign languages is entitled to produce translations. That is why our company prefers translators who have been trained professionally, including training in both their native and foreign languages, in specialist knowledge, and in intercultural competence. We are a member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) and expect our translators to meet high standards comparable to those of the BDÜ.